In the five years since FCLTGlobal’s founding, we have worked with our members to provide evidence and research that will help to make long-term practices the norm. Practical actions and strategies, rather than theory, have helped to move the needle over the past decade. It is in that spirit that we present the first edition of the FCLTGlobal Blue Book, a showcase of how long-term decision-making can create positive outcomes for companies, investors, and their millions of stakeholders globally.

Download 2022 FCLTGlobal Blue Book

FCLTGlobal’s members drive the movement towards sustainable capitalism. The examples below are a compilation of real-world examples of how FCLTGlobal’s members are putting long-term strategies into practice today, the first of what we expect to be many such projects to crystalize how companies and investors are translating research to action.

It is our hope that these practical illustrations will inspire others to embrace the mission of focusing capital on the long term. We encourage readers to consider models of long-term decision-making similar to those featured here, and we thank those who have contributed their time, effort, and valuable insight to this project.

Around the world and across the investment value chain, our members and many other organizations like them are looking beyond the next quarter and seeing the bigger picture: prioritizing future objectives over near-term targets will inevitably produce better, more equitable, and more sustainable performance over the long term.

Case Studies