Is Corporate Investment Finally Funding the Future?

10 November 2021 - Corporate R&D spending increased significantly during the pandemic, setting the stage for a future boom in innovation and value creation. Is this a sign of the winners just pulling ahead of the rest?

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FCLTGlobal Working With Nasdaq, ILPA To Increase Transparency of Diversity & Inclusion Within Private Markets

9 November 2021 - FCLTGlobal joins with Nasdaq and the Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) to enhance DEI within private markets through a new Diversity Metrics Template and data collection platform for limited partners GPs and LPs.

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Why Climate Strategy Needs to Come Before Climate Reporting

27 October 2021 - A lack of “decision useful” climate disclosures has been a cause for discontent on both sides of the investment value chain.

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Investor-Corporate Engagement | Toolkit

Climate Transition Conversation Guide

1 November 2021 - Companies are setting net zero and other climate commitments in growing numbers to demonstrate their readiness to take action in the face of climate change. However, meaningful details about how these commitments and even climate change itself will affect corporate strategy are scarce. Such clarity is particularly important for assets, companies, and industries in transition. The lack of clarity is impeding market reactions to climate commitments.

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Going Long Podcast: Clarke Murphy, Russell Reynolds Associates

22 November 2021 - What makes a long-term CEO? Clarke Murphy (Russell Reynolds Associates) joins the podcast to discuss the attributes that make executive leaders effective at driving long-term outcomes.

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We Drive Change Through a Focus on Key Areas

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Boards of directors as the key to long-term value creation

Strong governance provides the foundation for success.

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Incentives to support long-term goals

Alignment of incentives over time and across the investment value chain is critical to future outperformance.

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Investor-corporate engagement

Engagement between companies and their shareholders provides mutual understanding and confidence to pursue shared goals.

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Strategies that drive long-term performance

Strategies around talent, innovation, capital allocation, and risk lead to success.

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Policy environment

Policy and regulation shapes global discourse prompts market behaviors to shift toward the long term.

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6 December 2021

FCLTGlobal Climate Series: Taking Action After COP26

Join us for a conversation with corporate and finance leaders following the upcoming 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26). COP26 will take place in the face of a rapidly growing consensus about the worsening impacts of the climate crisis. Governments and non-state actors alike are starting to understand that urgent and ambitious action is needed from all stakeholders to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change.

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