Resilient investors are ready for surprise costs

By Matthew Leatherman

12 May 2023 - It’s trendy to bemoan the fact that a third of Americans don’t have enough slack in their monthly budget to cover a surprise $400 expense. What about investment institutions in an equivalent scenario?

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Going Long Podcast: Carine Smith Ihenacho, NBIM

22 May 2023 - Carine Smith Ihenacho, Chief Governance and Compliance Officer at Norges Bank Investment Management, joins the podcast to discuss what responsible investment means to NBIM, the challenges and obstacles of implementing a responsible investing approach, and what differentiates NBIM from other large-scale institutional investors.

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Climate | Report

Grey to Green: The Opportunity for Private Equity to Decarbonize Assets

26 April 2023 - As companies around the world begin to make the shift to more sustainable practices, private markets have the potential to drive substantial investment in the "grey-to-green" transition by investing in high-carbon-emitting sectors with the goal of reducing their emissions over time. However, concerns around returns, metrics, and reputational impacts are limiting greater participation.

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In the News

Carbon-heavy assets cannot just be left to owners who do not care

25 April 2023 - Those trying to clean up emissions are left in unfunded limbo while divestment transfers ownership of high-emitting assets to investors with little interest in sustainability. Incentives are needed to make 'gray-to-green' rewarding for investment managers.

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Governance | Report

The People Factor: How Investing in Employees Pays Off

21 March 2023 - A new report, in collaboration with CPP Insights Institute and the ESG Initiative at the Wharton School, explores the role of labour practices in corporate value creation.

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We Drive Change Through a Focus on Key Areas

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Boards of directors as the key to long-term value creation

Strong governance provides the foundation for success.

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Incentives to support long-term goals

Alignment of incentives over time and across the investment value chain is critical to future outperformance.

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Investor-corporate engagement

Engagement between companies and their shareholders provides mutual understanding and confidence to pursue shared goals.

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Metrics that drive long-term performance

Metrics, both financial and non-traditional, that are consistent, comparable, and reliable enable market participants to evaluate sustainable long-term value creation.

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Policy environment

Policy and regulation shapes global discourse prompts market behaviors to shift toward the long term.

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28 Februrary 2024

Registration for FCLT Summit 2024 is now open

FCLT Summit 2024 is a closed-door and action-oriented convening for FCLTGlobal Members and select guests. Executives will work together during this program to develop practical solutions to the challenges of long-term decision-making in global capital markets. Our latest data and findings will provide a backdrop for a panel discussion about notable changes in capital allocation trends over the past year, how inflation has affected capital market behavior, and implications for both corporate and investor resilience in a recovering economy.

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