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The Missing Element of Private Equity: Creating Long-term Value Through Portfolio Company Board Diversity

19 July 2021 - Despite the evidence of the benefits of increased leadership diversity, progress at private companies has been slow.

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Going Long Podcast: Henry Fernandez, MSCI

12 July 2021 - What role can the capital markets play in addressing climate change and putting the world on a path to long-term sustainability?

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Buybacks: Look Before You Leap

16 June 2021 - By Allen He, CFA  As the global economy rebounds, companies are preparing to launch a record wave of buybacks. Buybacks have become a global phenomenon over the past 20 years, with many companies viewing them as...

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Ripples of Responsibility: How Long-term Investors Navigate Uncertainty with Purpose

21 June 2021 - Expectations of long-term investors have expanded well beyond usual notions of their core purpose to include their impact on markets, society, and the environment. The fact that investors have broader responsibilities is clear. Defining those responsibilities is not. Investors need a common way to identify, anticipate, and communicate responsibilities before they can aspire to fulfill them across their organizations.

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Governance | Article

How Private Equity Can Drive Boardroom Diversity

20 April 2021 - For public companies, more diverse boards of directors are correlated with significant long-term value. The same can be true for private companies. What role can GPs and LPs play in driving change?

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We Drive Change Through a Focus on Key Areas

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Boards of directors as the key to long-term value creation

Strong governance provides the foundation for success.

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Incentives to support long-term goals

Alignment of incentives over time and across the investment value chain is critical to future outperformance.

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Investor-corporate engagement

Engagement between companies and their shareholders provides mutual understanding and confidence to pursue shared goals.

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Strategies that drive long-term performance

Strategies around talent, innovation, capital allocation, and risk lead to success.

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Policy environment

Policy and regulation shapes global discourse prompts market behaviors to shift toward the long term.

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Corporate Horizons Survey

While the advantages of a long-term orientation are clear, the practical aspects of long-term management are less understood. Our new Corporate Horizons Survey finds the links between management behaviors and long-term performance, explores the pressures deterring companies from focusing their capital on the long term, and gauges how both change over time.

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