Future Fit Boards: Questions For Developing Strategic Governance

17 June 2024 - Long-term corporate boards must evolve to achieve their corporation’s future ambitions, rather than remaining anchored to the status quo.

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Press Release

Dr. Raphael Arndt, Hein Schumacher Join FCLTGlobal Board of Directors

1 July 2024 - FCLTGlobal, a non-profit organization whose mission is to focus capital on the long term to support a sustainable and prosperous economy, announced today that Dr. Raphael Arndt, Chief Executive Officer of Future Fund, and Hein Schumacher, Chief Executive Officer of Unilever, will join its board of directors effective 1 July 2024.

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Climate | Article

Breaking The Logjam to Global Climate Investing

By Sarah Keohane Williamson

3 July 2024 - Over the last several years, it has become clear that investing in climate-related assets in low and middle-income countries is critical to achieving successful decarbonization of the global economy. Given demographic trends and the need...

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Going Long Podcast: EY’s Carmine Di Sibio on Building a Better Working World

24 June 2024 - "We are in the top of the first inning with AI. It's beginning to revolutionize business efficiency and operations, and the possibilities for future innovations are vast."

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Strategy | Report

Storm Clouds & Silver Linings: Long-term Investing in an Age of Geopolitical Uncertainty

By Joel Paula

9 April 2024 - We are now at a moment when global rivalry is running hot and support for globalization is cooling. The resulting opportunity set for investors is shrinking as global security and economic alliances rewire. This rewiring of globalization requires specific attention to strategy, governance, and integrated processes to bring geopolitical views into investment decision making. Doing this effectively requires deep integration between geopolitical and traditional investment analysis.

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We Drive Change Through a Focus on Key Areas

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Boards of directors as the key to long-term value creation

Strong governance provides the foundation for success.

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Incentives to support long-term goals

Alignment of incentives over time and across the investment value chain is critical to future outperformance.

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Investor-corporate engagement

Engagement between companies and their shareholders provides mutual understanding and confidence to pursue shared goals.

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Metrics that drive long-term performance

Metrics, both financial and non-traditional, that are consistent, comparable, and reliable enable market participants to evaluate sustainable long-term value creation.

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Policy environment

Policy and regulation shapes global discourse prompts market behaviors to shift toward the long term.

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