Strategy | Article

Investors and Companies Can Drive ESG Metrics Forward Together

22 July 2020 - Investors want standardized reporting of sustainability and other non-traditional metrics. What will that look like on a global scale?

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Governance | Article

The Long-term Impact of Corporate Compensation Models

28 July 2020 - FCLTGlobal will research new ways in which short-term, status-quo compensation practices can be restructured to enhance long-term value creation.

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Policy | Article

Comment to the US Department of Labor on ESG Investing

20 July 2020 - The US Department of Labor proposed new regulatory guideposts for fiduciaries in light of recent trends in ESG investing. Read FCLTGlobal's full comment letter.

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Investor-Corporate Engagement | Report

Making the Call: The Role of Long-term Institutional Investors in Activism

25 June 2020 - Having a strong investor/corporate dialogue well before an activist campaign arises is the way to encourage companies to proactively improve the drivers of long-term value creation—such as bolstering their governance, honing strategies for growth, and...

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We Drive Change Through a Focus on Key Areas

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Boards of directors as the key to long-term value creation

Strong governance provides the foundation for success.

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Incentives to support long-term goals

Alignment of incentives over time and across the investment value chain is critical to future outperformance.

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Investor-corporate engagement

Engagement between companies and their shareholders provides mutual understanding and confidence to pursue shared goals.

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Strategies that drive long-term performance

Strategies around talent, innovation, capital allocation, and risk lead to success.

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Policy environment

Policy and regulation shapes global discourse prompts market behaviors to shift toward the long term.

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Investing for Resilience: The Future of Capital Flows in the Asia-Pacific Region

As we look ahead to the recovery phase of this crisis, building resilience to weather future volatility is a critical issue for long-term investors, and important questions are being asked about the impact on capital flows as economies and supply chains are rebuilt. Leading investors from Australia, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore will discuss how they see the impact on long-term capital around the key issues of: Driving a low-carbon recovery, recapitalizing the economy, investment opportunities, and building trust and leadership for the future.

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