Director, Research

Allen He

Allen He joined FCLTGlobal after getting his master’s degree in finance from the MIT Sloan School of Management. Prior to that, he worked at The Brattle Group, an economic consulting firm, as a senior research analyst in litigation and finance. While at Brattle, Allen worked on a variety of projects across the finance, utilities, and industrials sectors, where he led data modeling work in corporate valuations and derivatives hedging. Recently, Allen has worked on projects focused on risk management – including a currency risk prediction model as part of a joint research practicum between MIT and a global asset management firm.

Allen holds a B.A. in Math and Economics from Cornell University and a MS from MIT.

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FCLTCompass: In 2022, Corporate Time Horizons Shorten, Investors’ Lengthen – And What It Means

By Allen He, Jessica Pollock

29 August 2023 - While the past year reflects a continued upward trend in investor horizons, it also revealed a material decline in investment horizons for corporates to their lowest since the project began.

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A Look at Long-Term Guidance Trends in 2022

By Allen He, Michelle Mei

27 July 2023 - As we look ahead to earnings seasons in 2023 and beyond, companies that resist the temptation to issue quarterly guidance, and instead focus on issuing longer-term guidance and strategic roadmaps, will be setting themselves up for sustained success.

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Why a 4% Tax on Buybacks Could Work

By Allen He

13 March 2023 - As a tool, buybacks can be put to good use under the right circumstances – or abused for short-term advantage. Companies and shareholders have it within their power to utilize buybacks deliberately, in support of long-term value creation.  

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