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Strategy | Article

Communication key in pension risk management through coronavirus and beyond

26 May 2020 - This article originally appeared on “Trustee directors need risk information in order to fully govern and oversee their organization in a long-term manner. The way the information often is communicated though involves risk professionals presenting...

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Incentive Alignment | Report

Institutional Investment Mandates: Anchors for Long-Term Performance

15 May 2020 - Ensuring assets are managed in line with these long-term horizons is critical to achieving these goals. This presents a challenge, however, because assets are often managed by asset managers, distinct from the asset owners, and...

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Expert insights on risk management amid COVID-19

6 May 2020 - On 30 April, FCLTGlobal held a webinar for a peer-to-peer discussion on managing risk to support long-term value creation, specifically in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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Investor-Corporate Engagement, Governance | Article

Navigating COVID-19: Advice from long-term investors

30 April 2020 - Look after employees, customers, and suppliers; adopt a through-cycle mindset; and communicate transparently. Profits and dividends will come later if you make the right moves now.

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Governance, Strategy | Report

Tone at the Top: The Board’s Impact on Long-term Value

23 April 2020 - Taking a long-term approach in business leads to superior performance.

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Strategy, Governance | Article

A Hierarchy of Stakeholder Needs

21 April 2020 - Amid unforeseen circumstances, how do companies prioritize their stakeholders?

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Investor-Corporate Engagement | Report

Power Play: The Long-term Impact of Multi-class Shares

15 April 2020 - While some companies take a “one share, one vote” approach to shareholder decision-making, others give disproportionate voting rights to founders or choose to offer multiple share classes, each with different voting power.

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Risk management in a time of crisis

14 April 2020 - ...

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FCLT Summit 2020 Recap

14 April 2020 - FCLTSummit was a full-day event that gathers leading global investors and CEOs to drive the creation of long-term value for investors and savers, and companies and communities.

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Investor-Corporate Engagement | In the News

Opinion: Why the suspension of quarterly guidance should last beyond Covid-19

14 April 2020 - With a growing list of companies suspending earnings guidance, FCLT Global CEO Sarah Keohane Williamson explains why quarterly guidance can be problematic.

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