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Sarah Williamson’s Buyback Notes | Morning Trade Live

16 October 2020 - ...

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Webinar: Winning in the Long Term

15 October 2020 - During this session, McKinsey’s Global Managing Partner Kevin Sneader, Partner Tim Koller, and FCLTGlobal CEO Sarah K. Williamsonm discussed the five steps CEOs and boards can take to better orient their decision-making to long-term value creation.

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Going Long Podcast: Carmine Di Sibio

15 October 2020 - Carmine Di Sibio, Global Chairman and CEO of EY, joins the Going Long Podcast to share how EY embodies long-term principles in the way it does business. Di Sibio discusses EY’s long-term value framework [00:02:00],...

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Case Study: Funding Long-horizon Innovation at Baillie Gifford

13 October 2020 - As summarized in Funding the Future: Investing in Long-Horizon Innovation1, returns to successful R&D are often significant and can be transformational for an organization. However, R&D spending (especially long-horizon R&D project spending) tends to be...

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Long-term Risk Management: State Street

12 October 2020 - For many investors, asset allocation begins with an estimate of volatility, producing the most stable portfolio of assets that still can earn the target return. Learn more from experts at State Street Associates about how the choice of risk timeframe influences a portfolio’s long-term success.

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Investor-Corporate Engagement | Article

Forum on Engagement: Remaking the Investor-Corporate Dialogue for a Post-COVID-19 Era

9 October 2020 - On 24 September, FCLTGlobal hosted the Forum on Engagement, a conversation led by a panel of six investment and investor relations experts, to consider these questions and discuss the implications of shifting engagement practices for long-term value creation.

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Strategy, Investor-Corporate Engagement | Report

The Dangers of Buybacks: Mitigating Common Pitfalls

6 October 2020 - Returning capital to shareholders is an important and legitimate goal of many corporations. Buybacks are often an effective way to distribute capital, but care must be taken to mitigate downfalls related to personal gain and enrichment, poor timing, and excess leverage.

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Investor-Corporate Engagement | Toolkit

Buybacks Playbook

6 October 2020 - In the right circumstances, buybacks can further long-term goals; new tools and guidelines could help evaluate buybacks on their long-term merits.

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Guest view: CEOs learn value of long-term vision

5 October 2020 - ...

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Going Long Podcast: Paul Polman

5 October 2020 - Amid today's evolving global business environment, corporate-level long-term thinking is more important than ever. Paul Polman, Co-Founder and Chair of IMAGINE and former CEO of Unilever, discusses the need for long-term perspectives in many professional capacities. Polman shares the story of the shift to long-term strategies during his time at Unilever, the effect that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the long-term mentality, the importance of corporate-investor dialogue and engagement, and lessons learned from Unilever founder Lord Lever.

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Governance | Report

Corporate long-term behaviors: How CEOs and boards drive sustained value creation

1 October 2020 - Although the advantages of maintaining a long-term orientation are clear, the practical aspects of managing for long-term performance are less well understood. FCLTGlobal and McKinsey have published joint studies revealing a few things that long-term companies don’t do, such as invest modestly in R&D and use accounting methods to lift reported earnings. In this report, we build on that analysis to identify the behaviors that long-term companies consistently exhibit. We also propose actions that boards and executives can take to promote these behaviors.

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