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Uptick in CEOs Retiring to Exec Chair

25 September 2020 - ...

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Strategy | Article

Buybacks and Negative Equity – A Recipe for Disaster?

25 September 2020 - By Allen He However, the acceptance of buybacks has not been unanimous. Academics, practitioners, and politicians have criticized their use, taking issue with their potential contribution to income inequality, underinvestment in innovation, and use by executives...

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Comment to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on 13F Reporting

23 September 2020 - The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has proposed a change in the reporting threshold for institutional investment managers. Read FCLTGlobal's full comment letter below, which asserts that there are alternative ways to modernize 13F reporting, and small investors and a transparent relationship with companies must not be forgotten.

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Governance, Strategy | Article

Case Study: Funding Long-horizon Innovation at Dow

18 September 2020 - Research from FCLTGlobal and others confirms that long-term companies outperform on financial metrics, including revenues, profitability, and stock price, as well as non-financial ones like job creation and sustainability.

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Press Release

Alan Jope, Kewsong Lee and Mark Wiedman Join FCLTGlobal Board of Directors

4 September 2020 - Alan Jope is the Chief Executive Officer at Unilever and has been with the company for over 35 years. Unilever has been a FCLTGlobal Member since the start in 2016 and has been actively engaged...

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US Short-termism on ESG Investing Will Hurt Growth

27 August 2020 - FCLTGlobal CEO Sarah Williamson argues that the short-term ESG investing mindset in the U.S. will hinder growth in a new op-ed.

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Incentive Alignment | Article

The State of Play on Long-Duration Compensation

27 August 2020 - Some long-term investors are ready for companies to depart from the pay-for-performance status quo, but the jury is still out on the method that many of them are considering as a replacement.

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Strategy | Toolkit

Crisis Conversation Guide

26 August 2020 - FCLTGLOBAL has developed this guide as an extension of the Risk Conversation Guide published in Balancing Act: Managing Risk Across Multiple Time Horizons.

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Investors Outline Actions for Resilience

25 August 2020 - ...

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Strategy | Article, Video

Investing for Resilience: The Future of Capital Flows in the Asia-Pacific Region

24 August 2020 - A panel of global investors discusses market recovery and planning for volatility.

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Investing in American Equity

18 August 2020 - FCLTGlobal CEO Sarah Williamson identifies key features needed in a 21st-century retirement in the U.S. in a new op-ed.

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