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Governance, Strategy | Article

CEOs reflect on lessons of COVID-19

1 June 2020 - FCLTGlobal hosted virtual roundtable discussions for Members to discuss how to effectively manage their organizations in the face of the global coronavirus pandemic. The current situation has accelerated the arrival and impact of many long-term trends and tested the resilience of all organizations.

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Communication key in pension risk management through coronavirus and beyond

26 May 2020 - This article originally appeared on “Trustee directors need risk information in order to fully govern and oversee their organization in a long-term manner. The way the information often is communicated though involves risk professionals presenting...

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Incentive Alignment | Report

Institutional Investment Mandates: Anchors for Long-Term Performance

15 May 2020 - Ensuring assets are managed in line with these long-term horizons is critical to achieving these goals. This presents a challenge, however, because assets are often managed by asset managers, distinct from the asset owners, and...

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Expert insights on risk management amid COVID-19

6 May 2020 - On 30 April, FCLTGlobal held a webinar for a peer-to-peer discussion on managing risk to support long-term value creation, specifically in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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Investor-Corporate Engagement, Governance | Article

Navigating COVID-19: Advice from long-term investors

30 April 2020 - Look after employees, customers, and suppliers; adopt a through-cycle mindset; and communicate transparently. Profits and dividends will come later if you make the right moves now.

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Governance, Strategy | Report

Tone at the Top: The Board’s Impact on Long-term Value

23 April 2020 - Taking a long-term approach in business leads to superior performance.

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Strategy, Governance | Article

A Hierarchy of Stakeholder Needs

21 April 2020 - Amid unforeseen circumstances, how do companies prioritize their stakeholders?

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Investor-Corporate Engagement | Report

Power Play: The Long-term Impact of Multi-class Shares

15 April 2020 - While some companies take a “one share, one vote” approach to shareholder decision-making, others give disproportionate voting rights to founders or choose to offer multiple share classes, each with different voting power.

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Risk management in a time of crisis

14 April 2020 - ...

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