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Interview: Robert Pozen on Executive Compensation

17 August 2020 - FCLTGlobal researchers sat down with MIT Senior Lecturer Robert Pozen to discuss potential ways to implement a change in corporate pay.

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Risk Webinar Series: Managing Investment Risk in Long-term Mandates

13 August 2020 - In the first installment of our new Risk Webinar Series, Ahren Estabrooks (Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan), Carol Geremia (MFS), and Daniel Godfrey (Federated Hermes) discussed the importance of managing investment risk in long-term mandates.

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Study shows corporate R&D investments suffer from short-term approach

10 August 2020 - New report from FCLTGlobal aims to rebalance long-horizon R&D investing

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Funding the Future: Investing in Long-Horizon Innovation

9 August 2020 - R&D spending, especially long-horizon R&D project spending, faces a unique set of short-term pressures relative to other types of long-term investment. When facing short-term financial pressures, behavioral biases including manager risk aversion and uncertainty around forecasting potential future returns (among other...

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R&D Scenario Engine

9 August 2020 - An interactive R&D Scenario Engine that allows corporate boards, executives, and risk committees to determine their optimal R&D allocation between short, mid, and long-range projects.

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The Long-term Impact of Corporate Compensation Models

28 July 2020 - FCLTGlobal will research new ways in which short-term, status-quo compensation practices can be restructured to enhance long-term value creation.

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Forward Thinking Comp Committees Build Value for the Future

27 July 2020 - Rather than worrying about addressing near-term compensation shortfalls, compensation committees can use long-term incentives to keep executives focused on their business’ long-term strategy.

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Investors and Companies Can Drive ESG Metrics Forward Together

22 July 2020 - Investors want standardized reporting of sustainability and other non-traditional metrics. What will that look like on a global scale?

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Comment to the US Department of Labor on ESG Investing

20 July 2020 - The US Department of Labor proposed new regulatory guideposts for fiduciaries in light of recent trends in ESG investing. Read FCLTGlobal's full comment letter.

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