An annual benchmarking tool tracking long-term investments on a global scale.

Taking a long-term approach to investment decision-making delivers superior value over time. Nevertheless, managers, economists, and investors struggle to balance immediate financial pressures against long-term objectives many years into the future. In part, this struggle is because “long-term” is more of a future-oriented state of mind than an actual time horizon.

That lack of clarity makes it difficult to determine how exactly to take action or change behavior in pursuit of long-term goals. It also makes it easier for companies or investors to defer or delay decisions that would favor the long term, opting instead to prioritize more immediately tangible results.

We are often asked questions like the following:

FCLTCompass, our new report and interactive dashboard, answers these questions with quantitative data reported in years and US dollars.

The project analyzes 10 years of financial data to reveal important insights regarding the state of worldwide capital markets. The research traces investors’ savings through various asset vehicles to the companies that deploy it in support of business and economic growth. This will frame the conversation in a more actionable light, a first step toward catalyzing broader adoption of longer-term investment perspectives.

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