We are focused on building the next generation Nasdaq as a leading technology, analytics and infrastructure provider to capital markets. For us, that lies in integrity: integrity in the markets, across the financial system, and in broader society. By combating market manipulation and financial crime, by advancing corporate sustainability and governance best practices, and by planting seeds for inclusive growth and prosperity across the communities in which we operate, we can continue to redefine the role of corporations in society for the better. In doing so, we believe that we are well-positioned to facilitate safe, inclusive markets that catalyze long-term economic growth.

Nasdaq is deeply devoted to being a multiplier of best practices – within our own operations, within our communities, and with our clients who we serve every day. Examples include:

The impact markets have in catalyzing innovation and facilitating faster innovation and job growth has never been clearer, nor more important. The changes brought on by the global pandemic reveal just how vital it is to support a marketplace ecosystem that is resilient, equitable, and sustainable.


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