At Bunge, we connect farmers to consumers to sustainably deliver essential food, feed and fuel to the world. Our key areas of growth – expansion of our oilseed processing and origination capabilities, production of renewable feedstocks, increasing our plant lipids portfolio and development of new plant-based protein ingredients – are not only central to our business strategy but also a testament to the alignment of sustainability with our corporate vision.

In the past two years, company-wide improvements enabled Bunge to take advantage of improved market conditions and generate record earnings, positioning ourselves for long-term success. We provide value for our shareholders while continuing to accelerate our focus on sustainable business opportunities that contribute to more climate-friendly agribusiness and food systems.

OneBunge global operating model helps incorporate sustainability across strategic business decisions

After Bunge’s 2019 One Bunge announcement of a new, global operating model that eliminated multiple regional structures, the company also implemented more disciplined financial practices around risk management, the balance sheet and capital allocation. At the same time, Bunge began more directly incorporating sustainability into the strategic business decision-making process.

Meeting sustainability targets via non-deforestation supply chains, regenerative farming, and incentive bonuses

We fight climate change with carbon-focused decision making across our organization. We are constantly working to minimize our environmental footprint and take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through our commitment to climate action.

ESG disclosure earns best-in-class scores from institutional investment community

Bunge is a leader among our peers across leading environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosure platforms and our efforts to integrate sustainability into our business and supply chains have contributed to strong ESG disclosure scores year over year.

Actions taken over the past few years have resulted in a noteworthy business and financial turnaround for Bunge. And we did so as we raised our climate ambition by progressing toward our existing sustainability commitments, setting more aggressive ones as needed, and investing in our potential across new growth areas. Taken together, we believe we are on the right path to deliver meaningful and impactful climate action while delivering strong results for shareholders.