Climate Action at NBIM

Nicolai Tangen, Chief Executive Officer

28 February 2024 - The purpose of the Government Pension Fund Global is to safeguard and build financial wealth for future generations. We believe that long-term value creation for the fund depends on sustainable development in economic, environmental, and social terms. …

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Long-Term Roadmaps in Action With Nidec

29 May 2023 - In sharing a multi-year outlook and repeatedly reporting to the investment community on progress, Nidec serves as a strong example of how companies can integrate long-term targets as a part of standard investor communications, helping remind the investment community of their ultimate focus. …

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Committing to Net Zero by 2050 focuses TIAA and Nuveen on managing climate (and investment) risk

Jose Minaya, Chief Executive Officer

1 March 2023 - The climate crisis is one of the foremost challenges facing our society. We are already seeing the effects on our daily lives, ranging from intensifying wildfires to more frequent flooding along coasts and rivers. …

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Addressing affordable housing shortages through public-private partnership and sustainable and responsible investment

a TIAA Company

28 February 2024 - The preservation of affordable housing is paramount to protecting underserved populations and maintaining the supply of below-market rental units in high-growth areas. …

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Cultivating Sustainable Growth for the Long Term: Empowering Small & Mid-Sized Companies in the Onex Portfolio

Bobby Le Blanc, CEO

28 February 2024 - While larger corporations often boast dedicated sustainability teams, small to mid-size companies typically lack such resources. …

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Tapping into innovation to unlock growth

2024 Blue Book

28 February 2024 - Today’s business environment is characterized by greater uncertainty and volatility, stressed supply chains, and higher interest rates – and we’re experiencing one of the most challenging economic and geopolitical environments for investing in a generation. …

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In-house expertise drives influence to act as responsible custodians and investors

Jo Taylor, President and CEO

1 March 2023 - At Ontario Teachers’, long-term thinking is more than a business philosophy. It is critical to our ability to pay pensions to 331,000 current and retired teachers, many of whom draw benefits longer than they teach. …

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Three Lessons in Preparing for The New Climate Era

2024 Blue Book

28 February 2024 - We are entering a new era of a permanently altered climate. Adapting to extreme weather conditions globally –  while striving to mitigate the damage – is a long-term challenge par excellence. …

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Russell Reynolds Associates

Constantine Alexandrakis, CEO

1 March 2023 - We know that who leads an organization matters, influencing everything from the enterprise’s financial success to the experience of its employees, its customers and suppliers, and, importantly, the health of our planet and societies. …

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Human Capital Management and Long-term Resilience

Peter Harrison, CEO

28 February 2024 - This article is featured in the 2024 FCLTGlobal Blue Book, a collection of real-world examples of how our members are putting long-term strategies into practice today. We hope that these practical illustrations will inspire others to embrace the mission of focusing capital on the long term. Learn more >> Companies work with a diverse set …

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Maintaining Board Skills to Ensure Long-Term Success

Ronald P. O’Hanley, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

28 February 2024 - Given the importance of their role, how can corporate boards ensure they are an effective cornerstone of long-term strategic growth? …

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Temasek’s Pathways to Decarbonisation

Dilhan Pillay, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

28 February 2024 - To support the acceleration towards net zero, Temasek’s investments and efforts span several key areas reflecting the real economy: food, water, waste, energy, materials, clean transportation, and the built environment.  …

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