Committing to Net Zero by 2050 focuses TIAA and Nuveen on managing climate (and investment) risk

Jose Minaya, Chief Executive Officer

1 March 2023 - The climate crisis is one of the foremost challenges facing our society. We are already seeing the effects on our daily lives, ranging from intensifying wildfires to more frequent flooding along coasts and rivers. …

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In-house expertise drives influence to act as responsible custodians and investors

Jo Taylor, President and CEO

1 March 2023 - At Ontario Teachers’, long-term thinking is more than a business philosophy. It is critical to our ability to pay pensions to 331,000 current and retired teachers, many of whom draw benefits longer than they teach. …

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Russell Reynolds Associates

Constantine Alexandrakis, CEO

1 March 2023 - We know that who leads an organization matters, influencing everything from the enterprise’s financial success to the experience of its employees, its customers and suppliers, and, importantly, the health of our planet and societies. …

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Strategies for advancing diversity and improving sustainability permeate how we invest, service clients, and manage our people

Ronald P. O’Hanley, Chairman and CEO

1 March 2023 - State Street’s purpose is ​​​​​to help create ​​​​​​​better outcomes for the world’s investors and the ​​​​​​​people they serve. Fulfilling that purpose is inseparable from focusing on investing over the long-term. …

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Effective Investor Roadmaps From The Home Depot

29 May 2023 - Laying out a clear perspective on growth, risk and capital allocation ensures that all stakeholders have a firm grasp of a company’s approach and enhances shareholder belief in real opportunities, even despite the presence of short-term pressures. …

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Purpose led and future fit

1 March 2023 - We believe that the winning businesses of tomorrow will be those which anticipate and respond to the huge changes shaping people’s lives across the world. …

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Embracing ESG and DE&I as core strategies of success

Robert F. Smith, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

1 March 2023 - With ESG risks increasing and value creation opportunities multiplying, we continue to look for ESG solutions across our firm’s activities and portfolio companies. …

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Renewable energy investments fueled by entrepreneurial spirit and growth mindset

João H. Schmidt, Chief Executive Officer

1 March 2023 - In 2017, Votorantim alongside CPP Investments created a new joint venture focused on investing in Brazil’s power generation market over the long term. …

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Investing with a 15-year steering period changes team culture

Theresa Whitmarsh, CEO

1 March 2023 - In practice, the discipline of long-term investing creates a wide range of distinctive characteristics for the Washington State Investment Board (WSIB). …

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Long-termism and the power of sustainable investing

Jean Hynes, Chief Executive Officer

1 March 2023 - As an independent, private partnership, Wellington Management focuses on long-term results, sustainable business practices, and aligning our interests with those of our clients. …

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