Providing “constructive capital” for innovations that deliver performance AND progress

Charles Emond, President and Chief Executive Officer

1 March 2023 - Long-term investing is at the core of our identity at Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ). We see it as a journey, not a destination, and this perspective informs our decision-making processes. …

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CPP Investments

John Graham, President and Chief Executive Officer

1 March 2023 - In 2013, when CPP Investments and McKinsey & Company launched the Focusing Capital on the Long Term initiative to advance practical actions to focus business and markets on the long term. …

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Funding Long-horizon Innovation at Dow

29 May 2023 - As a company with over a century of history of product evolution and reinvention, innovation has been at the core of everything Dow achieves. From launching the “Idea Factory” in the midst of the Great Depression while other companies were cutting back on R&D spending, to the development of groundbreaking materials – Dow’s innovation strategy has (with few exceptions) consistently taken the long view.  How has a company with over 120 years of history maintained this focus?  …

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Dow Inc.

Jim Fitterling, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

1 March 2023 - At Dow, our ambition is to become the most innovative, customer-centric, inclusive, and sustainable materials science company in the world. …

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Transforming food systems for healthier people, planet & livelihoods

Geraldine Matchett, Co-CEO, CFO, and Member of the Managing Board

1 March 2023 - In 2021, we stepped up our efforts by making explicit our ambition to transform the sustainability of global food systems as we continue delivering on our purpose of creating brighter lives for all. …

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DSM, Examining Effective Long-Term Roadmaps in Action

29 May 2023 - For the past 10 years, DSM has prioritized sustainability as its key business driver. The combination of the shifting business portfolio and DSM’s sustainability-based growth initiatives require that investors understand the long-term plan and appreciate the company’s strategic investment goals. …

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ESG Global Reporting Center of Excellence will help build stakeholders’ trust

1 March 2023 - At Edelman, we have a long-standing sustainability advisory capability, working with clients on how to define and position their purpose and ESG goals, and therefore enhance the effectiveness of their sustainability communications. …

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EQT Future – market-shaping impact for the long term

1 March 2023 - In 2021, EQT launched EQT Future, a new strategy designed to guide EQT’s purpose-driven investment efforts into the next stage. …

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EY NextWave strategy focuses on delivering long-term value to all stakeholders

Carmine Di Sibio, EY Global Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

1 March 2023 - In a world that’s changing faster than ever, the EY purpose – Building a better working world – has been a guide, providing the context and meaning for the work that EY people do every day. …

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Customizing ESG integration via engagement and stewardship and assessing progress using 86 KPIs

Saker Nusseibeh, CBE, Chief Executive Officer

1 March 2023 - We aim to deliver sustainable wealth creation that enriches investors, benefits society and preserves the environment – for current generations and those to come. …

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Importance of a Long-term Approach to Partnerships

Lim Chow Kiat, Chief Executive Officer

1 March 2023 - As Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, GIC’s job is to protect and add to the international purchasing power of the reserves under our management over the long term. …

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Bringing Communities Together for the Long Term at GIC

29 May 2023 - In support of its long-term mandate, GIC maintains a diversified portfolio, balancing different risk and return profiles of its core asset classes to be resilient across a range of market conditions. …

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