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Tools for Strategic Engagement

25 June 2018 - ...

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Investor-Corporate Engagement | Article

Change the Conversation: 5 Long-Term Questions to Ask on Earnings Conference Calls

13 April 2018 - Spring is in the air, baseball has begun here at FCLTGlobal headquarters in Boston, and the public company earnings reporting season is upon us – thus begins that familiar, yet often tedious, quarterly dance done...

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Investor-Corporate Engagement | Press Release

New Evidence Supports Transition From Quarterly Guidance

24 October 2017 - Boston, MA, October 24, 2017– FCLTGlobal, a not-for-profit organization that works to encourage a longer-term focus in business and investment decision-making, today published a report, Moving Beyond Quarterly Guidance: A Relic of the Past, calling...

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Investor-Corporate Engagement | Report

Moving Beyond Quarterly Guidance: A Relic of the Past

23 October 2017 - Since 2005, research has consistently found that the vast majority of corporate executives think that short-term pressure is growing, that it is changing their business decisions, and that those changes are destroying value. One effective...

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Investor-Corporate Engagement | Report

Straight Talk for the Long-Term

16 March 2015 - Short-term behavior is becoming the norm in modern capital markets. Rather than pursuing and communicating long-term strategies, many public companies dedicate significant resources to meeting quarterly earnings guidance and communicating their performance relative to this...

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