Stewardship Checklist

Questions for Stewardship, ESG, and Responsible Investing Teams

Effective stewardship codes help promote a mindset of shared ownership between investors and investees and are an important mechanism for investors to maximize long-term value creation. At the core of stewardship is deliberate monitoring and regular engagement between investors and investees.

In response to client and beneficiary demand, asset owners and asset managers alike are dedicating resources to stewardship. To facilitate this work, FCLTGlobal has reviewed stewardship codes from around the world, gathered input from our expert members, and compiled a user-friendly checklist of key questions. This document is meant to help teams covering stewardship, proxy voting, responsible investing, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG). The goal is to establish and improve policies and principles to ensure that they avoid short-term pitfalls and generally follow the stewardship principles most conducive to long-term success.

Investee Communication
Collective Engagement
Questions for Senior Management
(After the Stewardship, ESG, or Responsible Investment team has completed foundational work)
Long-term alignment
ESG integration and understanding stakeholder perspectives