FCLTGlobal is thankful for your commitment to our shared mission of encouraging a longer-term focus in business and investment decision-making. As we look forward to a new decade, we have paused to look back at what we’ve achieved together in the past year. We invite you to read FCLTGlobal’s 2019 Year in Review, which captures our notable research publications, global programming, and the contributions of the Member organizations that have guided us in 2019.

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The conversation around the role of capital markets has changed. Around the world, companies and investors increasingly recognize the importance of long-term planning and the value of thinking beyond quarterly returns. The percentage of S&P 500 companies issuing quarterly guidance has fallen to 22 percent, and in the United States, industry leaders redefined the purpose of a corporation to explicitly include delivering value for all of its stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and long-term shareholders.

Since our founding in 2016, FCLTGlobal has encouraged asset managers, asset owners, and global companies to take a longer-term approach. And over these three years, we have produced research and toolkits that can equip market leaders to drive change both by altering the behaviors of their organizations and by sparking larger shifts in the marketplace.
What we’ve found is that long-term success rests on five pillars:

With consistent metrics around this five-part approach to long-term success, investors and companies can begin to ensure that capital markets contribute to sustainable economic growth and global prosperity.

Thanks to your continuing insight and support, FCLTGlobal is itself well-positioned for long-term impact. Today, more than 50 leading global organizations have become Members of FCLTGlobal, each bringing a unique perspective and each motivated by a desire to drive long-term value. And on behalf of the entire FCLTGlobal team, I thank you for helping us reach this point where we can look back at real progress and look ahead toward further advances.

On a personal note, let me say what a privilege it is to work with people both inside and outside the FCLTGlobal community who are passionate about rewiring capital markets to benefit investors, companies, savers, and society as a whole. I am thankful for the opportunities we’ve had thus far and eager to embrace all those who want to join in our shared efforts for the long term.


Sarah Williamson