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Sustainable and inclusive growth is what we aspire to achieve through our work – and how we measure our long-term impact on society. We’re making progress. Our clients contribute 20 percent to global GDP growth, create 1 million jobs per year, and make up 80 percent of reported CO2 emissions reduction. We’re inspired by this. We also know there is much more to be done.   

Acting now for a sustainable future 

We’re helping leaders build sustainable businesses for the long term. Last year, more than 3,500 of our colleagues worked on more than 1,600 sustainability engagements with 600 clients across nearly 60 countries and in every industry. We have introduced an internal carbon fee on air travel, and we continue to convene leaders, including at COP28, to launch fresh solutions. Our new Climate Transition Framework, for example, will help ensure people remain at the center of the net-zero transition, and Frontier – an advance market commitment we co-founded with Alphabet, Meta, Shopify, and Stripe – is helping to expand the global supply of carbon removal.    

Accelerating long-term, inclusive economic growth  

We believe that giving more people a chance to participate in the economy can accelerate long-term growth and that economic growth can in turn drive more inclusion. New businesses are critical in this. Our Leap by McKinsey colleagues helped clients build nearly 200 new businesses last year, creating more than 20,000 jobs and $140 billion in value. We have committed $2 billion to social responsibility efforts by 2030 and have so far contributed nearly $620 million in cash and in-kind support toward that commitment.  

We are also working to build a more inclusive firm to ensure that everyone with the skills and talent has a shot at our firm. We have tripled our number of Black hires and elected twice the number of women partners in five years. Now our global workforce is 48 percent women. We continue to hire distinctive talent from anywhere and have increased our sources of recruiting to 1,700. Our progress in these areas inspires us to do even more. 

Investing in governance for long-term resilience 

True resilience – the ability to absorb shocks and thrive as disruptions continue – is critical to long-term success. We have heavily invested in our governance capabilities, strengthening the foundation of our business for the long term. Since 2018, we have spent nearly $700 million on our risk management teams, capabilities, and processes. We have also introduced an industry-leading framework, CITIO, to assess proposed work along multiple dimensions, which includes vetting client organizations and relevant individuals. This extends to our suppliers and internal systems, where we have improved cybersecurity controls, data and document retention, and process management. Annually, 100 percent of our colleagues participate in a rigorous professional standards and risk training program. 

These actions are just a few of the ways we are working every day, in every one of our 65+ global offices, to accelerate sustainable, inclusive, and long-term growth. We hope they inspire others as they continue to inspire us.  

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