Risk Conversation Guide

Strategy | Toolkit

Risk Conversation Guide for Boards and Staff

21 December 2018 - To facilitate discussions about managing portfolios to both meet long-term objectives and weather short-term risks, FCLTGlobal, with input from its members, has developed this Risk Conversation Guide for boards and staff. We have provided illustrative answers to these questions, but these are not intended to be exhaustive or comprehensive.

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Survey: Investor Guidance Preferences

25 October 2018 - We are exploring the most effective ways for corporations to communicate their long-term plan and prospects to the investment community.

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Tools for Long-Term Boards

Governance | Toolkit

Tools for Long-Term Boards

25 June 2018 - ...

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Tools for strategic investment

Investor-Corporate Engagement | Toolkit

Tools for Strategic Engagement

25 June 2018 - Strategic engagement is a powerful way for investors and companies to better understand one another and drive long-term value creation.

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