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Risk Webinar Series: Climate – From Uncertainty to Risk

11 November 2020 - Climate change is the largest systemic risk in the view of many long-term investors, and investors are pioneering ways to address this risk, including work to apply existing risk statistics specifically to climate projection and to pioneer new estimates. Projections like these about the impact of climate change on investment performance would represent enormous progress because they would advance beyond general uncertainty and instead make climate change a specific component of risk management.

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Risk Webinar Series: Data Inputs for Long-term Asset Allocation

9 September 2020 - For many investors, asset allocation begins with an estimate of volatility, producing the most stable portfolio of assets that still can earn the target return. An assumption underpins this process – that volatility has a mathematically-certain relationship with time. That assumption is empirically false, and the ramifications for diversification and strategic asset allocation are enormous. Learn more from experts at State Street Associates about how the choice of risk timeframe influences a portfolio’s long-term success.

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Risk Webinar Series: Default Time Horizons in GIPS Compliance and FRM Certification

14 October 2020 - Standard-setting and certification represent defaults of a profession, and for the investment risk profession these functions belong to the CFA Institute’s Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS)and Global Association of Risk Professionals’ Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certification. Control of defaults is one of the most influential nudges, according to behavioral scientists. Long-term investors will note that these nudges can have encouraging, discouraging, or no impact on risk professionals’ long-term focus. FCLTGlobal will explore the nudges related to investment time horizon in this Risk Webinar episode featuring leaders from the CFA Institute and GARP, as well as a senior practitioner from Nuveen.

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