In the final episode of FCLTGlobal’s risk-webinar series, we turn our attention to why long-term institutions manage investment risk in a multi-horizon way: because it positions them for pursuing opportunities purposefully and strategically. The world has witnessed such an effort in the past year’s COVID-19 response, and many even bigger health efforts await, like committing to curing cancer. Risk professionals have contributions to make as leaders, as partners, and as thinkers in all of these efforts. Join us for a conversation with MIT’s Andrew Lo, author of Adaptive Markets: Financial Evolution at the Speed of Thought and pioneer of securitization instruments to support the hardest – but also most consequential – innovations in healthcare. Sarah Williamson, CEO of FCLTGlobal, will lend additional insight from the perspective of chairing the board of the Whitehead Institute, “a world-renowned non- profit research institution dedicated to improving human health through basic biomedical research.”


Highlights: Risk Webinar Series, Income Volatility and Distribution

4 March 2021 - Forthcoming research examines societal income distribution in the statistical sense – such as its volatility, skewness, and kurtosis – and relates it to the macro risk distribution faced by investors. This analysis tests the hypothesis that investors’ efforts to reduce volatility reallocates it to individuals in the form of income volatility, and raises the question - Are investors’ risk management practices contributing to inequality?

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