On 6 December, FCLTGlobal hosted a webinar with corporate and finance leaders following the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26). COP26 took place in the face of a rapidly growing consensus about the worsening impacts of the climate crisis. Governments and non-state actors alike are starting to understand that urgent and ambitious action is needed from all stakeholders to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change. 

Capital allocation is critical in this context. Public and private finance are required at speed and scale to fund the development of infrastructure, technology and innovation needed for the transition to a more climate resilient economy. Companies and investors are signaling their readiness for the climate transition by establishing net zero and other climate change commitments. However, skepticism remains about the short-term implications of such commitments, and how they translate into the actions needed for a positive long-term impact on the planet, the economy and organizations themselves.

Senior executives from across the value chain weighed in on how companies and investors can work together to drive the transition, take advantage of emerging climate-related risks and opportunities, and seize this moment as a catalyst to remake capital markets to be more supportive of longer-term business and investment decision making.

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