Improving diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) on private equity backed portfolio company boards presents an opportunity to build long-term value for companies and investors as well as demonstrate leadership on critical social issues. Private equity backed portfolio companies (portcos) represent an increasingly important, and growing, proportion of the economy, and we anticipate a heightened focus on the diversity of portco boards. Leading GPs and LPs can drive long-term performance by building effective, diverse portco boards and building diversity among their advisors. To facilitate discussions about board diversity, equity and inclusion between GPs and LPs, FCLTGlobal has developed this Portfolio Company Board Diversity Conversation Guide.

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Governance | Report

The Missing Element of Private Equity: Creating Long-term Value Through Portfolio Company Board Diversity

19 July 2021 - Despite the evidence of the benefits of increased leadership diversity, progress at private companies has been slow.

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Model Stewardship Code

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Portfolio Company Board Diversity Disclosure Template

19 July 2021 - FCLTGlobal’s business and investor communities recognize the need for the private sector to demonstrate long-term value creation along both financial and non-financial criteria, especially when it comes to reporting on metrics related to firm diversity.

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Governance | Toolkit

Best Practices to Improve Board Diversity

19 July 2021 - A practical guide for GPs and LPs to evaluate, implement, and report on diversity and inclusion in the boardrooms of their privately held portfolio companies.

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