Boards of successful long-term companies spend significant time on strategy, risks and opportunities that have the potential to shape the future of the business. But a majority of boards and directors individually struggle to make time in their agendas for this important work. Developed in conjunction with Behavioral Economics in Action at Rotman at the University of Toronto, this digital dashboard will assess how your Board of Directors spends its time during full board meetings. It will also compare your board's time allocation to that of other industry peers and successful long-term organizations.

Use these results to ensure an appropriate balance of agenda items that matter for the long-term success of the business moving forward. For more strategies of highly effective corporate boards, see The Long-term Habits of a Highly Effective Corporate Board as well as our Checklist for Self-Assessment.

Tell us a bit about your company so we may construct your peer group for comparison.

How much time (in hours) per year does your board spend focusing on the following topics?