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On 28 February, the 2018 Focusing Capital on the Long Term Summit convened more than 150 members and select business leaders in a closed-door event to address the problem of short-term behaviors in capital markets.

We very much appreciate the time and energy of all those who made this a highly productive day devoted to discussing practical actions to encourage long-term business and investment decisions. We were encouraged that leaders from five continents gathered to engage in this important work, and we are particularly grateful to our 42 Founder and Member organizations, our board of directors, and our strategic advisors who all played a role in making this important event a success.

While it is impossible to capture all the energy and commentary of the day, the FCLTGlobal team has compiled a report (below) that provides high level summaries of both the plenary and breakout sessions. Our next task is to, based on what we heard throughout the day, prioritize our research efforts and develop further practical solutions to the problems of short-term behavior.

We invite you to read our 2018 Summit Summary Report, and would welcome further ideas and feedback on the Summit or on our efforts more broadly. Should you have any questions, comments, or ideas for our next Summit, please feel free to contact our team. Download the Summary Report of the 2018 Focusing Capital on the Long Term Summit