The annual FCLT Summit, held on 28 February 2024, brought together FCLTGlobal members and friends to map out the next steps in our shared mission to focus capital on the long term to support a sustainable and prosperous economy.

The FCLTGlobal team extends its thanks to everyone who participated, to Bloomberg for hosting us for a third consecutive Summit, and to all our member organizations that make this work possible.

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Once again, the discussions at the FCLT Summit underscored the critical nature of focusing capital on the long term to support a sustainable and prosperous economy.

Today’s disruptions – deglobalization, deleveraging, demographic shifts, decarbonization, digitization, and more – are rippling across financial markets. We must acknowledge that the landscape we operate in today is vastly different from what it was a decade ago. The pace of change, coupled with these new complexities, demands that we reassess and adapt our strategies and our mindset. 

Building the right board to navigate these disruptions effectively was a pivotal conversation, including the importance of both the opportunities and risks of disruption and effective board processes and incentives to lead in the face of change. 

The topic of funding innovation, particularly amid rising capital costs, was another critical area of our dialogue, underscoring the need for a “leap-of-faith” approach to drive breakthroughs despite the inherent uncertainties. 

Our exploration of the new trade landscape offered a nuanced understanding of the complexities facing global investments today. The discussions highlighted the necessity of incorporating national security considerations into decision-making to navigate this evolving environment effectively, and the fact that the term “geopolitics” has gradually become a byword for the U.S.-China relationship. 

Participants’ contributions throughout these discussions contribute meaningfully to FCLTGlobal’s research agenda. Moving forward, we encourage participants to reflect on these topics and consider how the insights shared can be integrated into their own work.

We appreciate the commitment and support of everyone who participated in the day, and look forward to continuing the conversation at FCLT Summit 2025. Until then, we invite you to read a recap of the discussions:

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