“Engagement is really the number one tool when it comes to responsible investment.”

The latest episode of Going Long features Carine Smith Ihenacho, Chief Governance and Compliance Officer at Norwegian Bank Investment Management (NBIM). The conversation dives into how NBIM’s mandate to benefit future generations drives its focus on responsible investing, the importance of alignment, transparency, and simplicity in executive compensation, and the need for longer holding periods to ensure continued alignment with shareholder interests.

About Carine

Carine Smith Ihenacho is the Chief Governance and Compliance Officer at Norges Bank Investment Management, the asset management organization responsible for managing the Government Pension Fund Global, one of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds. A seasoned corporate governance and compliance professional with over 20 years of experience working in the financial and oil and gas sectors, she is responsible for overseeing ownership and responsible investment activities, control and operational risk, compliance, and legal services. Prior to joining Norges Bank, she held senior legal and compliance roles at Statoil ASA, and has also worked in private law firms.

About NBIM

Norges Bank Investment Management is the asset management unit of the Norwegian central bank. The company manages the Norwegian oil fund. NBIM invests in international equity, fixed-income markets, and real estate.