“There’s no such thing anymore as a corporate strategy and a sustainability strategy. The overall corporate strategy has to have sustainability woven into it.”

What role do consultants and advisors play in fostering sustainable and inclusive business growth? Bob Sternfels, McKinsey and Company’s Global Managing Partner, joins the podcast to share insights on how the firm aims to deliver “holistic impact” to its clients, improving financial performance and positively impacting other stakeholders in the process. Other topics include:

About Bob Sternfels

Bob Sternfels is Global Managing Partner of McKinsey & Company, and former leader of its Private Equity & Principal Investors Practice. He chairs McKinsey’s board of directors and is a member of its Institute for Black Economic Mobility advisory council and a sponsor of its Women in the Workplace research. Among a number of initiatives he’s active in, Bob is a member of the Business Roundtable, the Asia Business Council, the Fortune CEO Initiative, the New York Jobs CEO Council, and also recently joined FCLTGlobal’s board of directors.

About McKinsey & Company

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