McKinsey & Company and FCLTGlobal recently teamed up to identify corporate behaviors that enable companies to focus on long-term strategy and value creation, resulting in the 2020 report, Corporate Long-term Behaviors: How CEOs and Boards Drive Long-term Value Creation. While much work has been done to prove the case that long-term companies outperform their peers, there has been a gap in describing what these long-term companies actually do to set themselves apart. Recently, the Denny Center for Democratic Capitalism at Georgetown Law held a conversation with the authors of this research, featuring Ariel Babcock (Head of Research, FCLTGlobal), Tim Koller (Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company), and Victoria Potter (Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company).

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Corporate long-term behaviors: How CEOs and boards drive sustained value creation

1 October 2020 - Although the advantages of maintaining a long-term orientation are clear, the practical aspects of managing for long-term performance are less well understood. FCLTGlobal and McKinsey have published joint studies revealing a few things that long-term companies don’t do, such as invest modestly in R&D and use accounting methods to lift reported earnings. In this report, we build on that analysis to identify the behaviors that long-term companies consistently exhibit. We also propose actions that boards and executives can take to promote these behaviors.

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Investing in the Sustainable Energy Transition – McKinsey FCLTGlobal Sustainable Transition Series

6 November 2020 - On Friday 6 November, FCLTGlobal and McKinsey & Company hosted the first panel in our virtual event series, "Investing in the Sustainable Transition." Larry Fink (BlackRock), Bernard Looney (bp), Kevin Sneader (McKinsey), and Sarah Williamson (FCLTGlobal) discussed the progress and outlook for sustainability within the global energy sector.

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Webinar: Winning in the Long Term

15 October 2020 - During this session, McKinsey’s Global Managing Partner Kevin Sneader, Partner Tim Koller, and FCLTGlobal CEO Sarah K. Williamsonm discussed the five steps CEOs and boards can take to better orient their decision-making to long-term value creation.

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