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Many firms have put significant effort into increasing the diversity of their boards and employees. Selecting diverse teams of professional advisors can be another important lever in bringing diverse perspectives to bear on key issues. The transparency and approach firms take when selecting diverse teams of professional advisors can accelerate this progress.

KPMG and FCLTGlobal conducted a joint survey of private equity (PE) stakeholders to determine how diversity, equity,  inclusion (DEI) is being incorporated in the PE ecosystem. Survey findings indicated that an opportunity exists to make substantial progress on DEI within the private equity ecosystem,  particularly when it comes to professional advisors. This is an area that is often overlooked.

Key survey takeaways:

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Governance | Article

How Private Equity Can Drive Boardroom Diversity

20 April 2021 - For public companies, more diverse boards of directors are correlated with significant long-term value. The same can be true for private companies. What role can GPs and LPs play in driving change?

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The Missing Element of Private Equity: Creating Long-term Value Through Portfolio Company Board Diversity

19 July 2021 - Despite the evidence of the benefits of increased leadership diversity, progress at private companies has been slow.

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FCLTGlobal Working With Nasdaq, ILPA To Increase Transparency of Diversity & Inclusion Within Private Markets

9 November 2021 - FCLTGlobal joins with Nasdaq and the Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) to enhance DEI within private markets through a new Diversity Metrics Template and data collection platform for limited partners GPs and LPs.

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