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Carmine Di Sibio, Global Chairman and CEO of EY, joins the Going Long Podcast to share how EY embodies long-term principles in the way it does business. Di Sibio discusses EY’s long-term value framework [00:02:00], the Business Roundtable’s Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation [00:08:50], the new norms of corporate governance [00:17:45], the need for more data in the investor-corporate dialogue [00:27:25], and more.

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About Carmine

Carmine is the Global Chairman and CEO of EY, one of the largest professional services organizations in the world with more than 300,000 people in 150 countries. Prior to being elected to his current post, Carmine served as EY Global Managing Partner – Client Service, leading the execution of the global strategy in our four geographical areas and four service lines.