This year's edition of FCLTCompass looks at the economics of recovery, and observes how companies, investors, and the national economies in which they operate plan for a return to normalcy and its impacts on investment horizons. Our latest findings provided a backdrop for a panel discussion about notable changes in capital allocation trends over the past year, how inflation has affected capital market behavior, and implications for both corporate and investor resilience in a recovering economy.


Moderated by Matthew Leatherman, Managing Director, FCLTGlobal

FCLTCompass – Measuring Investment Horizons Across Global Capital Markets

5 December 2023 - An annual benchmarking tool tracking long-term investments on a global scale. This project anchors long-term investing to quantitative data reported in years and dollars, painting a clearer picture of the status quo and framing the conversation around sustainable finance in a more actionable light for the first time.

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FCLTCompass 2022 Report

5 December 2022 - FCLTCompass is an annual benchmarking tool tracking long-term investment behavior on a global scale. The results of the latest analysis suggest that investment horizons receded in 2021 due to global disruptions such as inflation and COVID-19 recovery efforts.

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Strategy | Article

In 2021, Companies Sidelined Investments in Resilience

By Joel Paula

15 November 2022 - With short-term pressures mounting, companies and investors are finding it more challenging than ever to focus on the long term.

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