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Comment from FCLTGlobal CEO Sarah K. Williamson

FCLTGlobal commends the Business Roundtable and all 181 CEOs that have signed on to today’s Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation. Research shows that creating long-term value is a critical part of a chief executive’s role, for a company’s shareholders but also for the many other stakeholders in its investment value chain – employees, customers, or the community in which it operates. It is important to clarify this responsibility, especially in a rapidly evolving global economy where businesses are looking for new ways to be more sustainable and viable over the long term. We support such constructive discourse, and we will continue to focus on developing the tools that will help drive this discourse into practical corporate action for the benefit of all stakeholders. We stand ready to help chief executives around the world to seize this opportunity and take real steps to position your own businesses for innovation, job creation, and longevity.

Sarah K. Williamson


To read the full statement from the Business Roundtable, click here.