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Explore FCLTGlobal’s journey through 2023, a recap of a year of cutting-edge research, a commited member community, and the drive toward sustainable, long-term capital markets.

With 70 Members across 14 countries, FCLTGlobal is driving capital markets towards sustainable value creation. We are tackling the most pressing issues leaders are facing today with actionable research, a collaborative problem-solving community, and thought-provoking programming.

While the world has seen so many changes – and challenges – in the years since our founding, FCLTGlobal’s mission to focus capital on the long term in support of a sustainable and prosperous economy remains essential.

We invite you to read FCLTGlobal’s 2023 Year in Review, our annual report highlighting the accomplishments of the past year and the invaluable contributions of our Members, partners, and friends.

FCLTGlobal by the Numbers

Global Reach

Our members are headquartered in 14 countries and collectively operate in nearly every country around the world:

To learn more, read our 2023 Year in Review


2023 Letter from the CEO

By Sarah Keohane Williamson

31 December 2023 - There is no question that this year demonstrated that these challenges are part of decision-making for today and tomorrow. There has never been a more meaningful time to focus capital on the long term to...

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2022 Year in Review

5 January 2023 - Our 2022 report highlights the latest research, collaborative programming, and Member contributions that shaped our year.

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2021 Year in Review

3 January 2022 - As 2021 draws to a close, FCLTGlobal celebrates its fifth year in operation.

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