Learn more about our developing research that encourage long-term behaviors in business and investment decision-making.

FCLTGlobal advances its mission by working closely with Founders and Members on research that makes the case for long-term investment behaviors, monitors how those behaviors change, and develops practical actions that organizations can take.

In addition to consulting with our many Member organizations, our Research staff works to promote a collective long-term mindset across the global business landscape through analyzing empirical data and reviewing evidence found by others investigating this new area of investment. Together, these elements provide our theories with a strong, quantitative base. Our agenda has begun with the publication of several research-based whitepapers, which can be found on our Publications page. We plan to research several other subjects key to the development of longer-term investment strategies, including:

  • Measuring progress towards long-term investment behavior using an empirical scorecard
  • Alternative measures of risk and volatility
  • Decision-making for capital allocation
  • Innovations such as alternative trading venues and other permanent capital structures
  • The investor/corporate dialogue
  • The role of the corporate board

To complement our larger research initiatives, our Idea Exchanges serve as a series of conversation starters around long-term approaches across the global business community. These products are the result of our Research team's collective opinions and recommendations on how to activate long-term methods within investment organizations.

For a full list of publications, click here. For questions, comments or recommendations on our research, please contact us or email [email protected].