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Working Group: Investor Responsibilities and Long-term Focus

23 September 2020

Defining investor stated and implicit responsibilities can clarify decision-making for asset owners, asset managers and companies. Recent examples highlight that investor expectations extend beyond simply being a fiduciary to include implicit responsibilities, but no single set of these implicit responsibilities exists because they are specific to each investment organization and its purpose, culture, and geography. FCLTGlobal and our membership can collaborate to develop a set of tools to help investors clarify their evolving responsibilities in this new era.

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Forum on Engagement: Remaking the Investor/Corporate Dialogue for a Post-COVID-19 Era

24 September 2020

By IR Magazine’s count, between March and May 2020 over 850 companies withdrew guidance (either annual, quarterly or both), indicating the market instability created by the global COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an about-face from many investor relations teams. What are companies talking about instead? Investors and investor relations leaders will discuss how the investor-corporate dialogue has evolved in the wake of the pandemic, investigating whether it presents a catalyst to reorient engagement towards the long-term, or if organizations are “resetting the clock” and refocusing on metrics for financial health while the long term looks increasingly unpredictable.

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Working Group: Long-term Executive Compensation Agreements

7 October 2020

Executive compensation today is often maligned motivating behaviors that focus primarily on short-term financial performance. Still, there are many factors that create obstacles to long-term compensation design changes. FCLTGlobal’s project will have multiple phases, beginning with this working group to discern a longer-term standard for each of the common provisions in compensation plan design, including performance metrics, stock and option grants, and vesting periods.

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Risk Webinar Series: Default Time Horizons in GIPS Compliance and FRM Certification

14 October 2020

Standard-setting sets a default of a profession and, for the investment risk profession, this function belong to the CFA Institute’s Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS). Control of defaults is one of the most influential nudges, according to behavioral scientists. Long-term investors will note that these nudges can have encouraging, discouraging, or no impact on risk professionals’ long-term focus. FCLTGlobal will explore the nudges related to investment time horizon in this Risk Webinar episode featuring a CFA Institute leader and a senior practitioner from Nuveen.

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Risk Webinar Series: Climate – From Uncertainty to Risk

11 November 2020

Climate change is the largest systemic risk in the view of many long-term investors, and investors are pioneering ways to address this risk, including work to apply existing risk statistics specifically to climate projection and to pioneer new estimates. Projections like these about the impact of climate change on investment performance would represent enormous progress because they would advance beyond general uncertainty and instead make climate change a specific component of risk management.

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