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Executive Pay Risk of Rewards

Implementation Forum: The Future of Long-term Executive Remuneration Design

23 September 2021

FCLTGlobal published The Risk of Rewards: Tailoring Executive Pay for Long-term Success in early March 2021, at the start of the season for corporations’ annual general meetings (AGMs). We will reconvene members and other remuneration leaders in September to reflect on recent AGM experience, anticipate the 2022 AGM season, and consider opportunities for making use of the tools included in Risk of Reward to encourage longer-term focus through the ways in which corporate CEOs are remunerated.

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CEO Roundtable: Integrating Climate Transitions Into Long-term Strategy

27 October 2021

The rise of climate and net-zero commitments across the investment value chain indicates that capital is moving towards a sustainable transition. However, many investors remain skeptical about corporate net-zero commitments and their impact on core business strategies. Building on FCLTGlobal’s Roadmap for Long Term Value Creation, participants from leading asset managers, asset owners, and companies will discuss integrating climate change goals and plans into long-term strategies, obstacles to integration and how they can be overcome, and effective communication of strategies to investors.

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