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Investing in Healthcare Innovations: A Case Study of Multi-stakeholder Capitalism in Practice

10 February 2022

Successful innovation and implementation depends on a wide array of decisions, including capital allocation, risk management, communication with investors, and the practice of multi-stakeholder capitalism, each involving tradeoffs between short and long-term focus. In this session, expert professionals from corporate, asset manager, and asset owner roles will share insights about navigating this complexity and offer precedents of their own long-term strategies.

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Salon: Investor Responsibilities in the Infrastructure Asset Class

15 February 2022

Ripples of Responsibility: How Long-term Investors Navigate Uncertainty with Purpose successfully addressed FCLTGlobal’s research question about how investors inventory and fulfill their evolving responsibilities. It also revealed an appetite of members for a wider range of responsibility-themed conversations, immediately including the issue of infrastructure.
FCLTGlobal and our membership are positioned uniquely to do this because of firsthand experience with these responsibilities and the long-term frame of reference within which they are understood.
Participants can expect to exchange insight about the implementation of infrastructure-related investment responsibilities and to ready themselves for long-term action in the infrastructure asset class.

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FCLT Summit 2022

2 March 2022 | New York

FCLT Summit 2022 will convene FCLTGlobal Members and other business and investment leaders in a closed-door event to develop practical solutions to encourage long-term decision-making in global capital markets.

Attendance at FCLT Summit 2022 is by invitation only and subject to approval. Please note that we are planning for an in-person event.

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Working Group: Implementing the Practice of Multi-Stakeholder Capitalism

24 March 2022

FCLTGlobal’s forthcoming publication will showcase results of our empirical study, examining common features and capital allocation patterns of stakeholder and shareholder-oriented firms and their subsequent impact on financial performance, as well as provide tools for companies to inventory, process, and fulfill stakeholder responsibilities. Participants in this working group will discuss how to act on these insights, combining empirical data with practical tools and recommendations.

Please note this event is open to Members and invited guests.

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Working Group: Mandate Provisions for Long-term Investor Relationships

5 April 2022

Institutional Investment Mandates: Anchors for Long-term Performance has influenced the long-term orientation of hundreds of billions of dollars – and this toolkit has the potential to do even more. Our work will be to expand the toolkit to include a template side letter on the client’s and manager’s responsibilities, inspired by the Statement section of our Ripples of Responsibility work.
We also will review new analytical sections that apply these tools to impact strategies, including net-zero and SDG commitments, and that explain that intent of this toolkit is to improve relationships focused on the long term, not to “fix” relationships that are not focused on the long term. Along the way, FCLTGlobal will invite and receive additional case studies of implementation, adding to the several already included in the current version of this work.

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