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Risk Webinar Series: Managing Investment Risk in Long-term Mandates

12 August 2020

By incorporating long-term objectives into investment mandates, asset owners and asset managers can help ensure fruitful investment partnerships that both satisfy their needs and support the productive long-term allocation of capital. Recent research from FCLTGlobal introduces new long-term provisions for reporting and projecting investment risk. Leaders from Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and Federated Hermes will join us to discuss the need for long-term risk provisions in mandate agreements and how to implement them.

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Investing for Resilience: The Future of Capital Flows in the Asia-Pacific Region

18 August 2020

As we look ahead to the recovery phase of this crisis, building resilience to weather future volatility is a critical issue for long-term investors, and important questions are being asked about the impact on capital flows as economies and supply chains are rebuilt. Leading investors from Australia, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore will discuss how they see the impact on long-term capital around the key issues of: Driving a low-carbon recovery, recapitalizing the economy, investment opportunities, and building trust and leadership for the future.

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Risk Webinar Series: Data Inputs for Long-term Asset Allocation

9 September 2020

For many investors, asset allocation begins with an estimate of volatility, producing the most stable portfolio of assets that still can earn the target return. An assumption underpins this process – that volatility has a mathematically-certain relationship with time. That assumption is empirically false, and the ramifications for diversification and strategic asset allocation are enormous. Learn more from experts at State Street Associates about how the choice of risk timeframe influences a portfolio’s long-term success.

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Benelux Executive Roundtable: Building Long-term Competitiveness in a Volatile World

14 September 2020

What lessons can be learned from COVID-19 and how important is emphasizing a long-term perspective in strategy and investor dialogue? In interactive small group discussions, participants will discuss the challenge of balancing stakeholder interests for long-term competitiveness and communicating competitiveness in the investors/corporate dialogue.

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Forum on Engagement: Remaking the Investor/Corporate Dialogue for a Post-COVID-19 Era

24 September 2020

By IR Magazine’s count, between March and May 2020 over 850 companies withdrew guidance (either annual, quarterly or both), indicating the market instability created by the global COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an about-face from many investor relations teams. What are companies talking about instead? Investors and investor relations leaders will discuss how the investor-corporate dialogue has evolved in the wake of the pandemic, investigating whether it presents a catalyst to reorient engagement towards the long-term, or if organizations are “resetting the clock” and refocusing on metrics for financial health while the long term looks increasingly unpredictable.

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