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Working Group: Implementing Integrated Climate Transition Strategies

17 May 2022

Companies are setting ambitious change climate commitments in ever increasing numbers. However, climate change is often not reflected in corporate strategic plans, goals and KPIs and capital allocation, leading to investor skepticism. In November 2021, FCLTGlobal released the Climate Transition Conversation Guide to help companies develop climate transition plans that are integrated with their long term strategic plans, and build trust with investors about their plans to generate value and stay resilient in a net zero future.
The goal of this working group is to share member insights and experiences in developing and engaging on integrated climate and business strategies. The working group will also provide a space for candid discussions on obstacles in operationalizing such integrated strategies and identify where additional research may be needed.

This event is open to FCLTGlobal members and invited guests only.

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CEO Roundtable: Beyond Accounting Metrics to Investing in Stakeholders

23 May 2022 | Davos, Switzerland

Market participants face a growing number of long-term multi-stakeholder trends that all carry uncertainty: climate change, pandemic preparedness, economic decoupling and geopolitical disruption, and others. To aid in navigating long-term trends, companies and investors are increasingly calling for high quality, transparent, reliable, and comparable reporting by companies on climate and other environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters, contributing to a rapid evolution in the landscape of non-traditional disclosure.  Now that we have material metrics, how will capital markets participants use them to better invest for the long term? How do leaders incorporate these new lenses on value creation to take action?

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Working Group: Matching Engagement Strategies to Corporate Shareholder Bases

25 May 2022

Armed with analysis from an original dataset, FCLTGlobal hopes to develop new tools to help companies cater their investor dialogue to their targeted audiences, and to help investors better select the engagement strategies most likely to deliver productive dialogue – leading to better long-term outcomes for all parties involved. 

Working groups are conducted under strict Chatham-House rule, and this one is especially well-suited for members of the investment community regularly involved with engagement and stewardship of portfolio companies, along with corporate strategists and IR professionals closely connected in developing their company’s investor/corporate dialogue.

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Working Group: Mandate Provisions for Long-term Investor Relationships

15 June 2022

Institutional Investment Mandates: Anchors for Long-term Performance has influenced the long-term orientation of hundreds of billions of dollars – and this toolkit has the potential to do even more in the public equity asset class.

Participants in this working group will share ideas and learn from others how to incorporate long-term outcomes such as net zero commitments and diversity aspirations into their mandates.
Ideal Participant: Asset-owner and -manager portfolio managers who participate in mandate contract negotiations.

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FCLTCompass 2022 Salon

2 August 2022

FCLTCompass is our annual report of the flow of money through the global investment value chain, tracing investor’s savings through various asset vehicles, finally arriving at the companies that deploy it in support of economic growth.

Participants in this salon will have the opportunity to preview unique findings of FCLTCompass 2022, share feedback and perspectives that will shape the final publication, and engage with other global macroeconomic experts from our member organizations in a Chatham House setting.

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