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Investing in the Sustainable Transition

6 November 2020

The McKinsey FCLTGlobal Climate Series is a co-sponsored discussion series on “Investing in the Sustainable Transition” across several sectors. Four sessions focused on Food & Agriculture, Mobility, Infrastructure and Technology will follow the Energy discussion and will bring together top business leaders and institutional investors in the sectors to discuss the path ahead in order to prepare the industry for a more sustainable future.

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Risk Webinar Series: Climate – From Uncertainty to Risk

11 November 2020

Climate change is the largest systemic risk in the view of many long-term investors, and investors are pioneering ways to address this risk, including work to apply existing risk statistics specifically to climate projection and to pioneer new estimates. Projections like these about the impact of climate change on investment performance would represent enormous progress because they would advance beyond general uncertainty and instead make climate change a specific component of risk management.

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CEO Roundtable: Improving Diversity on PE-Controlled Company Boards

4 December 2020

As private equity-backed companies comprise an increasing proportion of the economy, the diversity of their boards is receiving increased attention and provides an opportunity to promote diversity and long-term value creation. This CEO Virtual Roundtable will bring together leading GPs, LPs and companies to discuss pathways to greater diversity on such boards. Our small-group conversation will share best practices and problem-solve in areas including: broadening the talent network; identifying and selecting candidates; and streamlining reporting and transparency. Click the link below to request an invitation.

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