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CEO Roundtable: Improving Diversity and Inclusion on PE-Controlled Company Boards

4 December 2020

As private equity-backed companies comprise an increasing proportion of the economy, the diversity of their boards is receiving increased attention and provides an opportunity to promote diversity and long-term value creation. This CEO Virtual Roundtable will bring together leading GPs, LPs and companies to discuss pathways to greater diversity on such boards. Our small-group conversation will share best practices and problem-solve in areas including: broadening the talent network; identifying and selecting candidates; and streamlining reporting and transparency. Click the link below to request an invitation.

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Introducing FCLTCompass: The First Measure of Time Horizons Across the Global Capital Markets

9-10 December 2020

Join us as we unveil and explore the inaugural findings of FCLTCompass, the first measure of investment time horizons across the global capital markets. The proprietary FCLTCompass dashboard anchors investment and capital allocation behavior to quantitative data reported in years and dollars, providing clear insight into current market dynamics and framing the conversation around actionable steps to strengthen the future of sustainable finance.

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Risk Webinar Series: Time Diversification – Patience or Complacency?

13 January 2021

Long-term investors may overinterpret “time diversification” to indicate that risk in all of its forms is lower. In fact, longer holding periods also expose investors to a greater scale of potential losses and to more experience with turbulence. Join us for an upcoming installment of our Risk Webinar Series to learn about the risk blindspots that long-term investors need to monitor. We will be joined by David Turkington, Head of Portfolio & Risk Research at State Street’s academic affiliate, State Street Associates.

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Risk Webinar Series: Ramifications of Investment Risk Management on Income Volatility and Distribution

10 February 2021

Forthcoming research examines societal income distribution in the statistical sense – such as its volatility, skewness, and kurtosis – and relates income distribution to the macro risk distribution faced by investors. This analysis compares how changes in both distributions over time relate to one another and tests the hypothesis that investors’ efforts to reduce volatility reallocates it to individuals in the form of income volatility. This also raises the question of whether such a pattern would represent a reduction of risk for investors, or rather just a substitution of long- and short-term risk. Put more practically, are investors’ risk management practices contributing to inequality?

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