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Preparing for Success: Long-term Investment Relationships among Owners, Managers, and Corporations

20 September 2022

The mandate contracts between asset owners and asset managers set the incentives and parameters for their investing. This includes how they participate as investors in dialogues with portfolio companies. When owners and managers frame their contracts to focus on the long term, they are able to bring that same long-term focus into their corporate engagements. The implications can be very practical.
Please join Wellington and FCLTGlobal for a cocktail reception and dinner to share insights and the practical tools to align incentives and goals to maximize the chances of a successful long term relationship.
Ideal participant: Governance professionals from FCLTGlobal’s membership and select guests.

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Working Group: Matching Engagement Strategies to Corporate Shareholder Bases

21 September 2022

Understanding a company’s underlying shareholder base has far-reaching effects, allowing corporations to anticipate and scenario-plan investor engagement tactics and investors to identify a way forward for future engagements.
A continuation of our May discussion, participants in this working group will receive finalized shareholder base survey and analysis results, as well as preview and discuss how an updated toolkit and conversation guide can help companies and investors select the engagement strategies most likely to deliver productive dialogue.

Ideal participant: Engagement professionals from investment organizations, including PMs, and strategy or IR professionals from corporations.

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Working Group: The Role of Private Equity in Decarbonizing Transitioning Assets

28 September 2022

Investors have an opportunity to clean up carbon-intensive assets and earn an attractive return. Private equity, with its record for acting as change agents in their portfolio companies, could play an important role in driving this transition. FCLTGlobal is engaging in a research project that seeks to explore the role that private equity could play to drive decarbonization and climate transition efforts. Participants in this working group will discuss how GPs can structure climate transition funds to attract capital from LPs.

Ideal Participants: Private equity PMs from asset owner and asset manager institutions

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Taxation Salon: Navigating Long-term Investor Responsibilities with Purpose

5 October 2022

Ripples of Responsibility: How Long-term Investors Navigate Uncertainty with Purpose successfully addressed FCLTGlobal’s research question about how investors inventory and fulfill their evolving responsibilities. It also revealed an appetite of members for a wider range of responsibility-themed conversations, immediately including the issue of taxation.
FCLTGlobal will reconvene our Investor Responsibilities Salon series on the topic of taxation with the goal of making the concept of this investor responsibility practical, impactful, and ready for action through case study. This session will be structured to provide FCLTGlobal Members the opportunity to deliberate with peers on their experiences in this area.
Investment professionals with responsibility for total-fund strategy, asset allocation, and/or risk are especially well-suited for this program.

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Working Group: Implementing Mandate Provisions for Long-term Investor Relationships

11 October 2022

Institutional Investment Mandates: Anchors for Long-term Performance has influenced the long-term orientation of hundreds of billions of dollars – and this toolkit has the potential to do even more in the public equity asset class.

Participants in this working group will share ideas and learn from others how to incorporate long-term outcomes such as net zero commitments and diversity aspirations into their investment mandates. The focus of this working group meeting will be on ways to implement the expanded toolkit, looking at investment mandate design from inception to writing contracts and maintaining relationships into the future.

Ideal participant: Asset owner and manager portfolio managers who participate in mandate contract negotiations

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Working Group: Multi-Stakeholder Capitalism in Practice – Investing in Employees

19 October 2022

Following our January publication, FCLTGlobal is extending research on the topic of multi-stakeholder capitalism by engaging in deeper, stakeholder-group-specific research, starting with investment in employees.
Participants in this working group will preview early findings from our empirical research on “walking the talk” in employees, as well as discuss how a practical toolkit can help companies effectively support the unique needs and circumstances of the employee stakeholder group.
Ideal participant: Corporate HR and strategy policy heads, as well as governance professionals and portfolio managers that integrate human capital metrics into investment decision making.

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