Learn more about our developing research that encourage long-term behaviors in business and investment decision-making.

FCLTGlobal advances its mission by working closely with our Members on research that makes the case for long-term investment behaviors, monitors how those behaviors change, and develops practical steps that organizations can take. As such, our research agenda is focused on developing tools and measures to encourage long-term decision-making.

Managing Risk Across Multiple Time Horizons

Our work addresses the challenge of managing multiple-horizon portfolios by outlining why such management is important, considering the barriers and hurdles, and then proposing a range of tools that funds could use.

Long-term Success in Public Markets

Despite the decrease in IPOs in developed markets and the increase in private capital, public equity markets are critical to well-functioning capital markets. Public markets are the drivers of wealth creation, investment opportunities, capital stability for companies and R&D. Moreover, the best managed companies can take advantage of these benefits and thrive in public markets.

Roadmaps for Effective Investor Communications

Companies struggle to strike a balance in their investor communications. The burden on investor relations departments and the pressure for further disclosure is increasing, despite evidence that more is not always better. In response, leading global companies have adopted long-term roadmaps to make clear their company’s long-term value their plan to achieve it.

The Long-term Scorecard

One of our primary initiatives is developing a Long-term Scorecard to measure to what extent businesses and investors across the world are becoming longer-term. We will be working with Members to preview preliminary findings and methodology, as well as receive feedback on an accompanying self-evaluation tool, meant to enable institutions to measure how they compare to their peers in terms of the factors as identified by our research.

The Long-Term Corporate Board

The focus of our work, and the topic of our forthcoming white paper, is creating practical tools that will enable corporate boards to create greater long-term value for their companies and its shareholders. Moving forward, we will turn our focus to exploring how individual board members, rather than the board as a whole, can contribute to the same long-term objective.

Stewardship Codes & Long-Term Value Creation

Our approach to this project is twofold: to analyze existing stewardship codes as they relate to long-term value creation and to provide insight into the applicability of stewardship codes to the same end. Our work will explore existing stewardship codes, consider elements that encourage long-term value creation, and suggest ways for asset managers to incorporate facets of stewardship into their brands.

Multi-class Shares & Long-term Value Creation

We plan to release an Idea Exchange on multi-class shares in the first half of the year, a topic that has garnered broad interest across the capital market, with highly divergent views. We aim to share empirical and academic data, with a focus on long-term value creation.

Capital Allocation and the Role of the CFO

Long-term capital allocation practices are the most important factor for sustained corporate performance. We will be examining why capital market forces often pressure companies to defer long-term, value-creating projects in favor of shorter-term capital allocations, with a particular focus on the role of the CFO and tools for CFOs to generate more optimal capital allocation decisions.

Long-Term Indexes & Investment Vehicles

We will investigate the opportunities to refine existing indexes or develop new indexes through a long-term lens. The development of long-term indexes and investment vehicles could facilitate the shifting of assets to the long term.