FCLTGlobal is a not-for-profit organization that works to encourage a longer-term focus in business and investment decision-making. We accomplish this by developing practical tools and approaches to support long-term behaviors across the investment value chain. Membership is available to established global organizations with a demonstrated commitment to long-termism. Any organization interested in membership is asked to make several important commitments to FCLTGlobal before they join.

  • First, they must commit to having C-level representation actively engaged with the organization, including with our research and events.


  • Second, each Member is expected to provide senior staff to participate in working teams that contribute intellectually to FCLTGlobal's research, and that help create tools or other approaches that support long-termism. This includes developing or testing potential solutions where appropriate.  


  • Third, each Member must provide monetary support to our operations. Members will ideally make a commitment to FCLTGlobal of three years.

All new Members must have a demonstrated commitment to and focus on long-term value creation, and must be approved by the FCLTGlobal Board of Directors. We welcome any organization interested in more information on being a Member to fill out the form below:

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