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Webinar: FCLTCompass 2022

5 December 2022

This webinar will mark the launch of the 2022 iteration of FCLTCompass, our annual reporting of money as it flows through the global investment value chain. Taking 10+ years of financial data, FCLTCompass traces investors’ savings through various asset vehicles, finally arriving at the companies that deploy it in support of economic growth.
Our latest data and findings, due to release on December 5, 2022, will provide a backdrop for a panel discussion about notable changes in capital allocation trends over the past year, how inflation has affected capital market behavior, and implications for corporate/investor resilience in a recovering economy.
Ideal participant: this webinar is open to everyone within FCLTGlobal’s membership, especially those with an interest in macroeconomic trends, corporate strategy, and global investment time horizons.

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