• 15/05/18

    Taxes Fall, Capex Rises

    What will firms do with their newfound capital? While this question remains largely unanswered, new data from Q1 earnings season suggests some of this cash is headed toward the long term.
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  • 24/04/18

    Quiz: What we really know about long-term behavior

    This questionnaire, created by Prof. Serafeim and Dean Nohria of Harvard Business School, explores the incentives, institutions, and behaviors that give rise to short-termism. Answers reveal the practical levers managers can pull to take a longer-term approach in business and investment decisions.
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  • 13/04/18

    Change the Conversation: 5 Long-Term Questions to Ask on Earnings Conference Calls

    Spring is in the air, baseball has begun here at FCLTGlobal headquarters in Boston, and the public company earnings reporting season is upon us - thus begins that familiar, yet often tedious, quarterly dance done by companies and the analysts that cover them. The quarterly earnings call looms large on most corporate calendars, regularly consuming significant amounts of time to prepare, but are investors and companies making the best use of this venue for regular interaction?
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  • 16/02/18

    Guest Post: The BlackRock Letter Sets Ambitious Goals. Here’s How CEOs Can Meet Them

    Should public companies focus on earning profits for their shareholders, or should they serve broader societal needs? Larry Fink, the head of BlackRock, the largest fund manager in the world, recently issued a letter to company CEOs stating: “Companies must benefit all of their stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, and the communities in which they operate.”
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  • 18/01/18

    Key Terms of Effective Investment Mandates

    Asset owners often have very long-term investment goals such as funding liabilities, building an endowment for perpetuity or providing for subsequent generations. For some, especially pension and retirement funds, these goals reflect the long-term needs of individual plan members who rely on these institutions to safeguard and build the savings which they will rely on down the road.
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  • 30/11/17

    How Today’s Companies Select Metrics for Long-term Success

    Short-term oriented investment behaviors continue to hamper prospects for substantial, prolonged growth for many firms in the global business community, yet some of today’s leading companies have proven to be shining examples on how to stay focused on the long term through investor relations. Here are a few of our suggested methods for moving away from quarterly-focused guidance, and real-world examples showing how some are already putting this theory into practice:
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  • 17/10/17

    FCLTGlobal Member events in Singapore, London ​

    Over the past few weeks, FCLTGlobal and several of its Members met at forums in both London and Singapore that underscored the rising importance of long-term decision making to managers and investors internationally, and the rapidly growing desire for change.
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  • 02/08/17

    An Interview with Theresa Whitmarsh: Executive Director of WSIB

    Matthew Leatherman, Director of Research at FCLTGlobal, speaks to Theresa Whitmarsh about her commitment to longer horizon investing, corporate governance and the importance of being challenged by your board.
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  • 19/04/17

    An Interview with FCLT Director: Matthew Leatherman

    FCLT Global Director Matthew Leatherman recently joined the team from the North Carolina Department of State Treasurer where he served as Policy Director. Matthew discusses his reasons for joining FCLT Global and his mission to put top-down economic logic to the test.
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  • 17/03/17

    The Role of Long-Termism and Economic Growth: Debate

    Earlier this year, together with the McKinsey Global Institute, we co-authored research based on an analysis of 615 large and mid-cap U.S. publicly listed companies, highlighting the benefits to long-termism. This article generated much discussion on the role of long-termism and economic growth from academics, journalists and practitioners alike...
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