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  • 08/02/17
    LT investing

    Measuring the economic impact of short-termism

    Released with the McKinsey Global Institute, McKinsey & Company's business and economics research arm, and based on an analysis of over 600 large and mid-cap U.S. publicly listed companies from 2001 to 2015, this paper provides systematic evidence that a long-term approach can lead to superior performance for revenue and earnings, investment, market capitalization, and job creation.

  • 28/09/16

    Rising to the challenge of short-termism

    A survey of over 1,000 C-suite executives and board members from across the world reveals growing short-term pressures from an evolving number of causes. Perceptions of excessive short-termism are real, and are affecting the most fundamental decisions boards and corporate executives make. 

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  • 02/09/16

    Long-term value summit discussion report

    Insights from FCLT's Long-Term Value Summit, where more than 120 senior global leaders from all parts of the investment value chain, including asset owners, asset managers, corporate boards and management, met in New York in March 2015.


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  • 28/08/16

    Where boards fall short: Harvard Business Review

    Most directors don’t understand the company’s strategy and prioritize short-term gain at the expense of creating long-term value. Dominic Barton and Mark Wiseman recommend four essential changes.
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  • 14/06/16

    Perspectives on the long term

    We invited over 25 of the world's foremost economic actors, including CEOs, board members, investors, and regulators, to present their views about what it will take to change the current system.
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  • 19/04/16

    Global survey of business leaders

    FCLT's 2013 global survey of board members and executives highlights their views on the need for long-term value creation and the causes and risks of short-termism in asset markets and in business.
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  • 19/03/16

    The advantages of being a long-term investor

    Sue Brake and Rishab Sethi of the New Zealand Superannuation Fund provide their perspectives on what it means to be a long-term investor, why NZSF is a long-term investor, and the advantages of being a long-term investor.
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  • 19/02/16

    Business, society, and the future of capitalism

    Unilever chief executive Paul Polman explains why capitalism must evolve, his company’s efforts to change, and how business leaders are critical to solving intractable problems. (McKinsey Quarterly, May 2014)
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